Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's amazing

today my life plan is going to a marina for a xmas light boat parade party thing
i think this all means that i will eat cheese and drink wine and be chilling out because thats what you do on a boat.
YESTERDAY I bought me some snow boots cause Of all this snow on the ground in my town
here in the desert.
but I think I will move to COLORADO and I am just trying to FIT in.
my husband has an obsession with Denvers football team so its making sense.
we once drove through Denver and all I really remember is the homeless men and dog kibble looming in the air. I was 17.
maybe 18. who knows? its THE PAST.
I know I have mentioned that here before.
for lunch today I am gonna eat a burger w fries.
hopefully thats cheers your day up.

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