Saturday, December 29, 2007

its not sane

turns out i ruined my snowboots in the stupid ocean the other day.
at least I was able to enjoy them for a little while. what was it? 10 days?
a wasted 24.99 plus tax.
probably the reason i have been restless at night.
thanks a lot VENTURA!
they did sorta hurt my feet and they were a smidge too big and there is -zero snow around here so i guess its not that big of a loss.
but STILL and on the other hand
last night I noticed that some toothbrushes are getting more serious about their jobs than others.
i keep up on the new and upcoming breakthrough digital toothbrushes for 2008.
thats the business to get into right there.
BUT the only real business idea of mine that I will EVEN truly consider is owning my own little SHOPPE.
wouldnt that be amazing?
all i need is a nice tiny building in a busy part of the town to fill with stuff I LIKE in LARGE quantities.
oh boy I AM funny.
give me a loan and I could really make something happen is all I am saying.
this town needs to buy more of what I like
or I will be forced to move.
and my hair is so CURLY!
I am all curly sue right now...
its exciting.

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