Monday, June 17, 2013

Paying Attention Forward

Real quick I want to say the following: 
Oh wow that UTAH pagent chick. Just  Wow. 
Did Kimye have their baby yet? I think they did. A girl! Oh boy! Who cares I hate them both. 
Had a BBQ today. Seems like Monday is the BBQ day for this summer.
 Monday funday! I pretty much be bbqin it up everyday since May day but Monday seems to be the gathering day for me n my posse.
This Wednesday Im banking on meeting up w a certain food truck I've been stalking for months now.  Stalking means following on twitter in this case. I can't tell you what food truck cause I don't want to give away the secret location. It's all for me! Mine! 
 You can't find me! I'm gone. 
So n e ways today also involved banana bread gifting. 
Food is everything and I am so sad that there are starving children in the world. 
 I have to help. 
I can't stay up till 4 am anymore. I need to get on track w that. 
Sleep n laundry. Eat sleep laundry. 

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