Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I spent far too long working on something that did not matter. JUST NOW. and still. i bought a NEW smudge stick! cause I burnt up my old one! cool feeling to use up shit like that. like deodorant! I love using up that stuff so I can buy NEW! its the simple shit that keeps me happy, and alive. I smudged my place while drinking a glass of merlot. SO amazing and awesome of me. can you even believe its APRIL pretty much!? I can't. BUT im ready for SPRING BREAK and lots of awesomeness. I thought I was gonna visit the SANTA BARBARA ZOO in FEB but that month just like came and went w/out giving me a chance and now MARCH is like DONE. straight UP rude. Like today it was 9 am coffee time then now it 11 pm wine time. I can't keep up with the pace or what to drink. pick up the pace. makes me want some chips and salsa. OH DUDE mexican food is soooo good and lately its all I want. Im tired. tomorrow is MORE STUFF TO DO.

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