Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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yesterday was a fun kick ass outing to the local mall.
If there is one thing that Tim and I do well it is spend money.
I bought some purple shoes.
some over priced make up.
an over priced sweater and
an over priced shirt.
the makeup situation was really upsetting to me.
I was just browsing the Chanel counter and this nice salesgirl somehow got me into the makeover chair. and before I knew it she was penciling in my EYEBROWS!! YIKES!! and I walked away with over priced foundation and very scary BOLD eyebrows. whata sap.
but what else is there to do?
I would have gone to fly a friggin kite but oddly enough the wind was not blowing.
and that is odd for this crap valley.

So later on Tim and I were watching WIFE SWAP, another all american thing to do and I made a comment how I would never live in Pennsylvania or Kentucky. But then I realized that I live in the Antelope Valley and felt ashamed cause really whats the difference? SO anyways I said, " well I live in crap AV so whatever I guess" and I went on a bit about how I hate this shit town and Tim was very informative and said to me, "well you know we are never leaving right?"
and I replied with, "well thats happiness"
HA fucking HA!

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and those shirts are really cool.
so different.
so unusual.
so reterdid.
Sorry if you happen to own one. ROCK oN if you do.


carrie said...

i think i would possibly live in kentucky because california is way overpriced and not worth the money. i would rather have a nice house with land that was way more affordable than a crappy little house here that costs $350,000. California can bite me. i'll move to kansas, iowa, idaho, i don't care.

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