Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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The 1st cd I EVER EVER remember buying was Lisa Loeb "Tails". I loved it and played it NON STOP. That and Madonna. And ya know Lisa Loeb has a lot more cds. A LOT MORE! Like 12 or something. I should have at least one other one.

Anyways it was 1995. I was a 15. Sophmore. Golly! Those were the days. HA! At the same time they were simple. And not.

So anywho the cd is back in my rotation. I love it. I see the songs in a whole new light. And plan on purchasing another Lisa Loeb cd soon.


carrie said...

i have that cd.
i like lisa loeb, too.

Janet said...

I cannot remember the first CD I ever got, but I DO remember the first record I ever got--it was the soundtrack from La Bamba. It was 1987. Weird.

Kathryn said...

I had La bamba on tape!!! I bet it was the same year. I got it for Xmas! funny. What a great movie!