Sunday, January 05, 2014

Bring it!

Whoa momma!
I totally need this detox happening in my life! Thankfully it is a thing I am starting tomorrow morning. Goty little tea ball thingy ready and errything' ready set go! 14 day detox! I've never participated in a detox. So it's about darn time! Do you feel my enthusiasm!!?? No more fatty foods like ice cream, fries n pies for me. For awhile. I really just let loosey goosey in December! It was funsies! A party! but now it's really not fun n e more! I just feel fat. Gah! Ha! Party over go home fatty youre fat. 
These pictures capture my hair in a beautiful way. New Year's Eve photo op. Who cares if my face is all whitened out. 
I like bunnies and I wonder what it would be like to own one. Do they just hop around your house? Would my dog mistake it for a chew toy and destroy the poor thing?? Do they stink? 
I am hoping the world has a good 2014. I for one have always found that even numbered years are the most radical!  Yeah , I prefer even numbered years so I can already feel the benefits. 
I think I'm gonna eat a street taco before my cleanse begins! Right now after a nice shower. Then I'll chill w a few games of candy crush. I'm addicted to candy crush. It's the dumbest. 
I'm always looking for awesome lotions that are easy to travel with. I like lotions in tubs. Like body butters. Just a random fact about my current self, Lotions: it's on the brain. 
I'm going to re read a few books this year. Books I read in my early 20's that I can't remember at all. My early 20's seems like a lifetime ago.  Now im in my early 30's approaching my late 30's, so awesome. Growing. 
Still blogging. Are you still reading? 

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Yes still reading.