Monday, May 13, 2013

Always Forever Gone

Oh damn! Now don't be jealous all over the place for those 4 cupcakez. I sorta shared one in a small way. Cutest shop we stumbled upon! being all dope w the I love Lucy and Elvis theme! Even on the television! I was like GOD? Have I arrived? Wherever u are I thank u! 
But I guess the air condish was being repaired cause it was hot as hell up in there! It's like nobody is prepared for the summer heat! We need to prepare!!! Is it June already!? Shit man! 
Sorry I'm just thinking out loud and i want to know what the fuck you were thinking!? Seriously!?
May is just a waste of time now that Mother's Day is over. 

This Mother's Day was pretty nice for me. Hopefully it was even better for you and your mom!  
I made my mom take me out for some pizza! 
Oh I captured a photo of a straight up ghostface. I'll share later after my ghost hunter friends have it analyzed at the ghost LAB. 
I should close my eyes. 

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