Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I don't know. I made my blog private and now its NOT. I do not know. Guess I am PARANOID. I have too many enemies? people hate me? wanna destroy me? Let the haters hate. Im dumb.so just let me be me. anywhoooo so I have a new laptop! Picture free and new. so this post is picture less. I have yet to sync up or load shit onto my "iCloud". backup? update? I am taking some class soon one day to help organize my life. GUess that'll involve my brain grasping new ideas and things. Ill be like HUH can you repeat that. NO no I'm joking. I am SMART! I may have made some horrible choices and retard moves in my life but I swear it all serves a purpose. ~insert winky winky wink face here~ Bye, have a really cool day for the next 100 days. I'll be pretty busy sleeping in my bed, eating eggs and other stuff. ON A CRUISE SHIP! thats right! Im living on a cruise ship. cruising the open water. a floating CASINO w BANQUETS and BALLROOMS and ICE CREAM SUNDAES! its like wow. my life. what? what what? what? what? what?what? what? its cool now a days to say what over and over again until your head explodes. ANybody can get a job on a cruise ship. YOU can like LIVE on a cruise ship. research it, google that shit. prove me wrong. OH thats right YOU CANT! HA! Awesome.

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