Sunday, August 28, 2011


messssITS BEEN A LONG TIME! The VMAs are tonight! And I am 1 cm. such a life.
Yesterday I threw together a yard sale and made 30 BUCKS! I have a larger than life TV I'd like to sell and its in my garage. stufoid thing. NO body NOT anybody wanted it.
Had to stand in the desert in 105 degree heat waiting for my sons soccer coach to arrive for PICTURES. HE fucking told us 1 pm but HE didnt show till 1:50. ISnt that the rudest shitbag of a thing? yes Kathryn it is. SOOO let me tell you, he arrived and just walked on by like he is something famous and we all should just follow. WHICH WE DID...then I say where is our banner CAUSE I see that he has NO BANNER in his dirtbag hands. AND HE says with his dickface " whats important? THe KIDS or THE banner?? whats it about? THe kids or the banner?"
WHAT the hell? Anyways, my point was that we all paid for the banner and its PICTURE DAY and every other team is prepared and standing around with their coaches under an umbrella WITH their awesome banners waiting for their photo opportunity.
SO I sorta whisper called him an asshole. NOT too loud BUT he knew.
SOOOOOOooo HE walks his stupid butt over to me and says, " We have to talk about positive attitudes" AND I SAY something like my positive attitude left my body after standing outside in this god forsaken HEAT for 50+ min and where was HE!? andwhere is our banner? AND HE accused me of being JEALOUS.
I had to walk away.
THAT is the basic gist of the scene. give or take.
BOTTOMLINE, asshole.
We have had him as a coach before and looks like not much has change except his arrogance has tripled and so has my waist size.
You should tell me your opinion on this.
Sabrinamy moms new kitty since her old black cat died. Her name is Sabrina.
I would have liked to see her name be MATILDA or Dorthy.
buster guyI am gonna go into active labor anyday now.

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