Thursday, May 12, 2011

All Soap Operas Can Go Away

IMAG1127Bitches be crazy. Mostly THIS bitch right HERE. HI! Me.
SO lets just say don't fuck with me. I will cut you. HAHA so cliche.
My neck hurts from all the anger I am carrying inside my head. Heavy shit.
Even when I try to let go IT holds on. People are such assholes.
I guess I am too.
I don't wanna complain.
YEsterday was cool at one point cause there was a Hummingbird IN my house! It was very exciting. Lil bird flying around my upstairs and landing on this and that, looking around all adorable like. Finally the sweet bird found his way out the door. I said "GOODBYE! I love YOU" as it disappeared. Later in the day while sitting in the sun I THINK I saw him again, but two big black birds scared it away. for the best I suppose.
I'm hoping the hummingbird was a good sign and I am sure it is. New beginnings.
Maybe I should nap, and wake up with a new attitude. AN EASY BREAZY ATTITUDE.
SUmmer can start any day now.

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