Thursday, May 27, 2004

This country is really just Too mUch! Things are really nuts-O! I hate BUSH! I really do! And I can NOT understand why anyone in their right mind could POSSIBLY think he is a good choice for 2004! I think that if Winnie the POOH was running against him I would support Winnie. The only thing that could be held against him is his addiction to honey. BUT hey at least it's not CRACK!

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carrie said...

I totally agree. Winnie the Pooh Rawks! But, also: Bush is very UN-Rockin' He is OFF his rocker. Seriously, though, I watched this show about him called The Jesus Factor... actually, it was an episode of Frontline... but anyway, Bush totally USED Evangelical Christians to get into office and he is the anti-Christ. Sorry if I sound crazy. Oh well.