Wednesday, November 26, 2008


kitmoviesPB261406refreshin the mugshoessithello all you exciting people on the internet. How the heck are you? Are you getting fat like me?
personally I have been baking cookies like some sort of gramma twice a week, and thats a danger zone activity
I tried to go to the gym this evening and the fucking place was closed.
According to the little sign posted on the door the gym closed at 3 pm today.
What for? Thanksgiving EVE?
That is totally uncalled for
and all the lights and televisions were left on.
Way to kill the planet and pretend to be open at the same time. I hate you.
I guess they will reopen on Friday or maybe they will need that day to rest.
so very annoying.
SO I was like fuck it and went to the grocery store where i purchased bottle o' BRANDY, reddi whip AND LIGHT EGGNOG.
Came home poured a bit, tasted a bit and discovered I really don't have the taste for it.
Maybe tomorrow will be feelin it and I can get all fluffy with it in my kitchen while putting the bird in the bag.

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